Pentaho Partners with Human Inference to Deliver Improved Data Quality in Business Analytics

Business analytics provider Pentaho has partnered with Human Inference to deliver improved data quality for Pentaho Business Analytics. The combination of the two open source products is intended to provide highly accurate and consistent data to business applications for enterprises on-premise and in the cloud. According to the vendors, the new integration with Human Inference technology will enable Pentaho Business Analytics customers to rapidly create business intelligence applications with higher quality data, allowing for better and quicker decision making.

"There is the challenge of maintaining the correctness of your database," Matt Casters, data integration lead at Pentaho, explains to 5 Minute Briefing. Names, addresses, zip codes, cities, emails, and telephone numbers are just a few examples of the types of data that this solution will keep consistent and accurate. "Companies want to make sure that they are perceived as being high quality, and that starts with high quality data," adds Casters.

The data quality solution for Pentaho Business Analytics provides data profiling, validation, standardization, and cleansing, as well as de-duplication capabilities both on-premise and via the cloud. "You can profile the data that flows through your transformations so that you can immediately see what the quality is of the data that you're uploading to the data warehouse," states Casters, citing the solution's ability to provide faster and better decision-making for enterprises.

Pentaho Business Analytics integrated with Human Inference is available now and can be downloaded as plug-in for existing Pentaho Data Integration / Kettle releases 4.2.x and later. For more information, visit