Pentaho Releases New Instaview Templates to Simplify Big Data Access and Analysis

Big data analytics provider Pentaho has announced new templates for Instaview, its big data discovery application, simplifying access to and analysis of big data sources. Templates help solve the data integration challenge in gaining value from big data. Pentaho has released a Twitter template and will release templates for MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics and Cloudera Impala on a weekly basis for download from the Pentaho site.

Pentaho Instaview aims to reduce the time it takes data analysts and scientists to discover, visualize and explore big data. A three-step visual process allows users to manipulate metadata without having to address the complexities of accessing the underlying data. “Part of the advantage of the product, in addition to providing data analysts access to big data, is also to remove some of the complexity for IT in offering and managing that access to end users,” Donna Prlich, Pentaho’s director of product marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

To learn more about Pentaho Instaview, go here