Percona Expands into MongoDB Service and Support with Tokutek Acquisition

Percona, a company that makes MySQL and OpenStack faster and reliable for customers, is acquiring Tokutek, allowing Percona to design, service,  and support remote management for both MySQL and the ACID-compliant NoSQL database. Tokutek is known for delivering big data processing power across two open source data management platforms, MySQL and MongoDB.

As a result, Percona, which has provided MySQL service and support, “now will be the only company that has software service and support for both MySQL and MongoDB,” said Jim Doherty, chief marketing officer at Percona.

 “We are finding more and more that customers are not using just one type of database solution and trying to solve all their problems,” Doherty said. “We see usage of multiple database technologies that are each leveraged to solve the problem they are best designed for.”

This merger will permit Percona to tap into Fractal Tree indexing which will improve database performance and storage compression across its MySQL and NoSQL product lines while lowering total cost of ownership for its customers.

Fractal Tree indexing replaces the standard method of B-tree indexing. This allows databases to see dramatically improved performance, reduced database size, and increased operational efficiency without a need for significant application changes.

“This is essentially a generational improvement in how that data is written, stored, and retrieved,” Doherty said.

With the combined platform, Percona says it can now provide “enhanced drop-in replacements” for MySQL and MongoDB. This will enable customers to improve the performance and reliability of their business-critical databases without any significant modifications to their applications.

The combination of an ACID-compliant, high-performance NoSQL database and Percona’s  MySQL solutions will assist database designers and administrators who can now turn to just one service provider for all their database design, support and operational needs.

“For companies that are just using MongoDB, this now offers them a viable alternative in the marketplace to get service and support,” Doherty said. “We do plan on continuing support for all Tokutek customers.”

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