Percona Introduces Open Sourced Platform for MongoDB

Percona unveiled a new open sourced platform for MongoDB called the Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB.

With Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB, Percona has now delivered an open source in-memory storage engine that works with Percona Server for MongoDB, the open source drop-in replacement for the MongoDB Community Edition that includes enterprise-grade features and functionality.

Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB delivers high performance reads with predictable latency, as well as high performance writes with no need to persist data on a disk.

The solution can reduce infrastructure costs by eliminating or reducing the need to purchase additional high performance storage, according to the company.

Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB command line and configuration options are similar to the memory engine in MongoDB 3.2 Enterprise Edition, making the transition to Percona Server for MongoDB straightforward.

"Percona is committed to providing free open source enterprise feature alternatives for MongoDB users, with technology choices that avoid vendor lock-in,” Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO of Percona. “Percona Memory Engine for MongoDB demonstrates our commitment to the open source model, and we will continue to provide this extraordinary level of value to our users and the community."

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