Percona Releases Updated Product Bundle for Both MongoDB and MySQL Environments

Percona, which provides MySQL and MongoDB solutions and services, has introduced a bundle of updated products for MongoDB and MySQL environments. The bundle includes PerconaServer for MongoDB 3.4, Percona Monitoring and Management 1.1, and Percona Toolkit 3.0. The solution set will be generally available the week of Feb. 20. 

According to the vendor, the combination of products give organizations the latest MongoDB Community Edition 3.4 features, additional enterprise features, and a greater choice of storage engines. Along with improved insight into the database environment, the solution provides enhanced control options for optimizing a wider range of database workloads with greater reliability and security.

Percona’s bundled release of Percona Server for MongoDB, Percona Monitoring and Management, and Percona Toolkit gives organizations the ability to better architect, monitor, manage and optimize databases to meet performance, growth and scalability demands.

With many Enterprise Edition features already included, Percona Server for MongoDB offers a robust database, while Percona Monitoring and Management provides administrators with visibility into the database environment, enabling them to resolve issues faster, increase performance through focused optimization, and better manage resources. Percona Toolkit performs a variety of MySQL, MongoDB and system tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually.

According to Percona, Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4 offers the features of MongoDB Community Edition 3.4; integrated, pluggable authentication with LDAP to provide a centralized enterprise authentication service; and open source auditing for visibility into user and process actions in the database, with the ability to redact sensitive information (such as user names and IP addresses) from log files. The new release of Percona Server for MongoDB also provides hot backups for the WiredTiger engine to protect against data loss in the case of a crash or disaster, and two storage engine options not supported by MongoDB Community Edition 3.4—MongoRocks, the RocksDB-powered storage. engine, and Percona Memory Engine for in-memory computing and other applications demanding very low latency workloads.

Percona Monitoring and Management 1.1 offers support for MongoDB and Percona Server for MongoDB, and graphical dashboard information for WiredTiger, MongoRocks and Percona Memory Engine.

The Percona Toolkit 3.0 includes two new tools for MongoDB— pt-mongodb-summary (the equivalent of pt-mysql-summary), which provides an overview of a MongoDB and Percona Server for MongoDB instance, and pt-mongodb-query-digest (the equivalent of pt-query-digest for MySQL), which offers a query review for troubleshooting.