Percona Showcases Open Source Database as a Service

At the recent Percona Live Online Open Source Database Conference 2021, Percona showcased its open source database as a service (DBaaS). As an alternative to public cloud and large enterprise database vendor DBaaS offerings, this on-demand self-service option provides users with a way to deploy databases quickly. Plus, the company says, using Percona Kubernetes Operators means it is possible to configure a database once, and deploy it anywhere.

“The future  databases is in the cloud, an approach confirmed by the market and validated by our own customer research,” said Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO of Percona. Zaitsev said Percona is taking this one step further by enabling open source databases to be deployed wherever the customer wants them to run—on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. “Companies want the flexibility of DBaaS, but they don’t want to be tied to their original decision for all time —as they grow or circumstances change, they want to be able to migrate without lock-in or huge additional expenses.”

The DBaaS supports Percona open source versions of MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Critical database management operations such as backup, recovery, and patching will be managed through the Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) component of Percona DBaaS. PMM is completely open source and provides enhanced automation with monitoring and alerting to find, eliminate, and prevent outages, security issues, and slowdowns in performance across MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB databases.

Customer trials of Percona DBaaS will start this summer. Businesses interested in being part of this trial can register here.

In addition, the Kubernetes Operator for Percona Distribution of PostgreSQL is now available in technical preview, making it easier than ever to deploy. The Operator streamlines the process of creating a database so that developers can gain access to resources faster, as well as then ongoing lifecycle management.

There are also new capabilities available in the Kubernetes Operator for Percona Server for MongoDB, which support enterprise mission-critical deployments with features for advanced data recovery. It now includes support for multiple shards, which provides horizontal database scaling, and allows for distribution of data across multiple MongoDB Pods. This is useful for large data sets when a single machine’s overall processing speed or storage capacity is insufficient. The Operator also allows Point-in-Time Recovery, which enables users to roll back the cluster to a specific transaction and time, or even skip a specific transaction. This is important when data needs to be restored to reverse a problem transaction or ransomware attack.

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