Percona Unveils Performance Optimization Tool for MySQL and MongoDB Databases

Percona, provider of MySQL and MongoDB solutions and services, is releasing an open source database performance analysis tool that will enable DBAs and application developers to optimize the performance of their MySQL and MongoDB databases.

Percona Monitoring and Management combines several tools Grafana, Prometheus, and Consul, in a single virtual appliance, along with Percona-developed query analytics, administration, API, agent and exporter components.

Percona Monitoring and Management monitors and provides actionable performance data for MySQL variants, including Oracle MySQL Community Edition, Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition, Percona Server for MySQL, and MariaDB, as well as MongoDB variants, including MongoDB Community Edition, and Percona Server for MongoDB.

The solution will provide query and metric information that enables administrators to optimize database performance, display current queries and highlight potential query issues to enable faster issue resolution, and maps queries against metrics to help make informed decisions about crucial database resources such as platform needs, system growth, team focus, and database activities.

 “Optimizing database performance requires information and visibility into query performance,” said Peter Zaitsev, Co-founder and CEO of Percona. “The free and open source Percona Monitoring and Management tool demonstrates our commitment to providing easy-to-use products that provide continued optimization and value for our customers.”

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