Percona to Host MySQL and Open Stack Conferences April 12-16 in Santa Clara

Percona, which provides MySQL consulting, support, managed services, and training as well as software, will be hosting its MySQL Conference and Expo 2015 in Santa Clara, Calif., April 13-16. Percona will also concurrently be hosting Open Stack Conference and Expo 2015 as well.

“The MySQL conference is set up very differently than many other conferences I have visited. It focuses around MySQL as a product, but first and foremost it is about the MySQL community,” stated Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO of Percona. The conference has an open feel, said Zaitsev, that allows for visitors to discuss not only the successes of MySQL but what it could possibly be doing better as well.

“More and more, we have been hearing about high availability in the cloud,” said Jim Doherty, Percona’s CMO, commenting on the decision to pair the two conferences together.  “More than 90% of the operational clouds are running MySQL so that is where we came up with the idea. We decided to create this sister conference that will share the same keynote speakers and expo floor.”

This year, the conference is adding a MySQL 101 track. It will essentially be a foundational MySQL program that will have two tracks, one for developers and the other for DBAs.  Finding good DBAs and developers is hard, so if companies are able to send their employees to be trained by some of the best in the MySQL industry, it will be of great value.

Two notable keynote speakers at the conference this year will be Steve Wozniak and Harrison Fisk. Wozniak, the Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist known as “The Woz,” will participate in a moderated Q&A on creativity and innovation, while Fisk, a member of the Facebook Database Performance Team, will deliver a keynote covering Facebook and why it has so many different data solutions deployed at scale and how the company decides to deploy a new one.

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