Perficient and CAST Partner to Accelerate App Modernization and Eco Initiatives

Perficient, a global digital consultancy provider, is announcing a strategic partnership with CAST, the software intelligence leader, to ease and accelerate app modernization as well as empower sustainability across organizations. Culminating as two innovative products—App Modernization IQ and Green Impact IQ—the two companies aim to maximize software health, increase the speed of cloud migration, manage open source risks, and reduce carbon footprints.

At the foundation of this collaboration is CAST Highlight—CAST’s software intelligence technology—which rapidly “understands” custom-built software systems and delivers crucial, actionable insights, according to the companies.

This technology then employs Perficient’s application modernization and cloud migration operating model to inform application assessment and portfolio transformation planning. The result of CAST and Perficient’s joint efforts is increased enterprise application value while boosting internal sales enablement, delivery readiness, and eco-practices.

“Perficient’s application modernization framework is uniquely suited to leverage the software intelligence CAST products provide,” said Rado Nikolov, EVP software intelligence platforms at CAST. “We are delighted to work with Perficient to bring our expertise to bear to help digital leaders across industries solve modernization and transformation challenges.”

Powered by CAST Highlight, App Modernization IQ is centered around providing organizations with actionable modernization analytics that serve to enhance software health, drive rapid cloud migration, and mitigate potential open source threats. Not only does this increase app delivery readiness, it also drives scalability and overall security at the app level.

Green Impact IQ is an intensive five-week partnership that leverages Perficient’s strategists, analysts, and architects to evaluate an organization’s environmental sustainability. Considering a myriad of factors such as code quality, resource consumption, and operational efficiency, this sustainability-forward solution aims to advance eco-practices while simultaneously improving performance.

“The true value lies in the speed and accuracy these products offer,” said Steve Holstad, principal cloud strategist at Perficient. “CAST Highlight is the premier software intelligence offering in the modernization landscape, replacing traditional, time-consuming methods with rapid fact-based insights. By integrating its capabilities into our products, we can quickly understand a customer’s application portfolio, layer on their expertise, and provide an actionable roadmap in a much shorter time than competitors.”

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