Pervasive Software Announces Partnership with Melissa Data to Enhance Data Quality

Pervasive Software Inc., a global leader in cloud-based and on-premises data integration software, has formed a partnership with Melissa Data, a provider of data quality software and services including out-of-the-box connectivity to Melissa Data's data quality offerings, giving both companies' customers the benefits of seamless data quality and data integration capabilities.

As customers increasingly seek to converge data quality and data integration processes, the partnership provides the benefit of both Melissa Data's data quality offerings and Pervasive integration capabilities.

Enterprise or mid-size companies typically have sophisticated IT departments and they are very capable of taking Melissa's tools and doing the integration, but when it comes to small to mid-size organizations, the integration can be an issue for them, Gary Van Roekel, Melissa Data's vice president of sales and marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "A lot of times, we will steer people away to look for an alternative because they just don't have the skill set or don't want to bring in a consultant at the time," Van Roekel notes.

In particular, Pervasive and Melissa Data "make a really nice companion offering" in being able to reach out to the small to mid-size market, Van Roekel notes. "Pervasive makes it very easy to connect to our solutions." And, Van Roekel notes, "What companies find out in time is that when you have data quality issues, which everybody does, it really costs you money." Although small and mid-size organizations sometimes believe that implementing a data quality solution is out of their reach, he emphasizes, it can be very affordable and if anything it will save them money in the long run.

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