Pervasive Software Launches Data Integration Community

Pervasive Software Inc., a provider of data integration solutions, has launched an online marketplace and community that is intended to fill a market void by providing simplification, ease of access and a public marketplace for data integration products, solutions, connectors, plug-ins and templates. Pervasive Galaxy is intended to serve as a community platform for data integration ecosystems to enable simple, profitable convergence between business-to-business integration producers and consumers through faster market and social connection.

"It's Bazaar Voice, iTunes, and App Store, all rolled into one mashup,"  says Ron Halversen, director of integration marketing. "Galaxy is an app exchange for connectors."

Pervasive Galaxy provides a combination of service marketplace, revenue sharing, integration store and community chat. Galaxy will enable users to request, build, buy, preview, and rate items, which might include data integration solutions, connectors, plug-ins or templates. In addition, users can post projects and participate in community project builds.

Ideal for independent software vendors and SaaS vendors, systems integrators, and end users, Galaxy simplifies the vendor evaluation process, and speeds time to finding a data integration solution while containing costs through business-to-consumer reverse auctions, marketplaces and crowdsourced contests

Pervasive executives also confirmed that company's DataRush engine is being deployed behind the breadth of its products and platforms, including its emerging integration platform as a service (iPaaS). "DataRush can replace the MapReduce function within Hadoop," Bill Jacaruso, senior director for Pervasive, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "In fact, it's five time faster than MapReduce."

Data Rush, now in version 5.0, is intended to enable developers to harness multi-core servers and clusters to tackle big data challenges. In addition to its inherent ability to automatically scale across all cores on mainstream and monster multi-core servers, DataRush scales across clusters, including the ability to accelerate every node in a Hadoop cluster, offering unmatched speed and economics. Pervasive DataRush 5.0 also provides easy parallel development capabilities for programmers in Java, Python, JRuby and Scala.

For organizations who want high-throughput data preparation and analytic applications that manipulate massive datasets, Pervasive DataRush enables rapid development of applications that scale up, out and over automatically. Jacaruso reports that DataRush will support a single system with up to 384 cores as well as across Hadoop clusters with more than 20 machines.