Phoenix Enhances zIIP Capabilities for System Management Line

Phoenix Software International has announced the release of Version 4, Release 7.0 of its z/OS JES2 and JES3 interactive spool browse and system management product (E)JES. New to (E)JES with this release is a Customer Application Infrastructure (CAI), an integrated framework for TSO/ISPF that runs REXX-based customer and end user plug-in applications for customizing and extending the capabilities of (E)JES in local environments.

Also in this release, (E)JES improves zIIP eligibility for JES2 processing routines. Now, nearly all JES2 processing routines are eligible for zIIP redirection. In the two years since zIIP exploitation was introduced in (E)JES, privileged zIIP redirection is nearing 100%. This 2009 (E)JES release will also include the use of High Performance FICON for System z (zHPF) channel programs when accessing SPOOL and other important data sets, resulting in faster performance.

"Phoenix has always been committed to leveraging the latest technology to help our customers reduce costs and increase performance," states Fred Hoschett, president of Phoenix Software International. Phoenix Software operates on IBM and compatible mainframes as well as Windows and web-based workstation platforms. The new release of (E)JES V4R7.0 will be generally available on September 18. For more information, go here.