Phoenix Software International Expands IBM z/OS JES3 Source Code Licensing Agreement

Phoenix Software International has expanded its source code licensing agreement with IBM for IBM z/OS JES3. As part of the agreement, Phoenix Software International plans to build on their initial JES3 source code license to add additional components in the Bulk Data Transfer space. According to Phoenix Software, this enables it to bring to market a new set of product offerings, including derivative Bulk Data Transfer (BDT) components, File-to-File for JES2, JES3, and JES3plus environments and System Network Architecture (SNA) Network Job Entry (NJE) for JES3 and JES3plus environments, planned for 2021.

The BDT File-to-File element allows users of one z/OS system to copy or move MVS Sequential and Partitioned Data Sets to or from another z/OS system over a traditional SNA network or one that is carried over an IP infrastructure using Enterprise Extender (EE) technology. File-to-File supports a structured schedule for the copy/move operations and works with any z/OS system no matter which JES is in use. The BDT SNA/NJE element allows z/OS systems using JES3 or JES3plus to transfer jobs and job output over those same SNA-based networks.

JES3plus V1R0, the first release of Phoenix Software’s JES3 derivative product, became available earlier this year offering a solution for z/OS customers wishing to remain on JES3 based functionality. Functional enhancements are being field tested now and are expected to be made generally available to customers in the first quarter of 2021.

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