Phoenix Software Offers Java Application Programming Interface

Phoenix Software International has announced the release of its z/OS JES2 and JES3 interactive spool browse and system management product, supporting a Java Application Programming Interface (API). Version 4, Release 8.0, of (E)JES introduces the (E)JES Java Application Programming Interface (API), which complements the existing APIs for REXX and for procedural languages such as Assembler and C.

"Java has become a popular programming language on the mainframe," notes Phoenix Software CTO Ed Jaffe. "We're pleased that we can now offer Java programmers the same powerful programming capabilities that are already available through our other APIs. With all of the enhancements in this release, we are again helping our customers leverage the latest z/OS technologies."

The (E)JES Java API and supporting classes provide unauthorized-program access from the Java language to the programming resources available through the (E)JES API. Execution will be eligible for zAAP or zAAP-on-zIIP redirection when the Java code is running and zIIP redirection when the core (E)JES functions are running.

Phoenix also offers products for Windows- and web-based workstation platforms. The new release will be generally available on September 24. For more information about Phoenix Software, go here.