Phoenix Software Releases Mainframe Spool Management Tool

Phoenix Software International announced it will soon be shipping the latest version of its mainframe spool management tool. The new software, (E)JES Version 5, Release 3.0, includes features built to take advantage of the latest release of  IBM's z/OS operating system (V5R3), including email notifications and a REST-based API. 

"The timing of the availability and the functionality included in this release should provide a smooth migration path for customers interested in becoming early adopters of the first new version of IBM's flagship operating system for System z in over 12 years,” said Ed Jaffe, chief technology officer for Phoenix Software.

The new tool employs a new EJESMAIL utility that allows textual SPOOL data from any job to be transmitted as an email attachment, providing a more convenient way for a batch job to email some or all of its own output. The new toolset also takes advantage of filtering using system symbols, both static and dynamic, as well as offers numerous extract enhancements, including a new cataloged data set list and enhanced z/OS UNIX directory navigation.

The RESTful API backing (E) JES Web is intended to provide a framework for future development of Eclipse plug-ins, mobile applications, and other web services clients.

For more details, visit the Phoenix Software website