Pick Cloud Announces On-Demand Access to MultiValue Webcasts

Pick Cloud, Inc., a provider of hosting, cloud computing, system backups and disaster recovery, professional services, and monitoring for MultiValue applications, is making replays available of its recent webcasts,   "Introduction to OpenQM - A Tour of Benefits and Features"  and "Ten Things You Didn't Know About AccuTerm 7," available for on-demand replay.

“Introduction to OpenQM - A Tour of Benefits and Features” provided an overview of features and benefits of the latest release of OpenQM and also featured OpenQM’s database as a service (DBaaS) component. Presented by Mark Pick, CEO of Pick Cloud, and Martin Phillips, technical director of Ladybridge Systems, the webcast is part of a series to spotlight new features of OpenQM that help to keep MultiValue in step with emerging technologies.

“Ten Things You Didn't Know About AccuTerm 7,” featuring Pete Schellenbach, owner of AccuSoft Enterprises, the creator of AccuTerm, focused on the latest version of the terminal emulator for the PICK/MultiValue market. The web event covered the components that make up the GUI, how to successfully pull data from your host environment into Excel, how to implement sound and images on your terminal screen, and why wED is the most popular MultiValue editor.

Both webcasts are available for on-demand replay here.