Pick Cloud Helps All Vend Move to the Cloud During COVID-19

Pick Cloud recently assisted All Vend in moving the corporation’s D3 application from on-premise to cloud with ease.

All Vend is a management company that uses a D3 based proprietary system to provide their clients with a single source to set up and manage subcontracts with service companies, mitigate customer service issues, monitor insurance coverages and, collect, reconcile, and generate monthly sales reports on the thousands of vending machines serving their clients.

Stability, reliability, and security were among the reasons for the move. So far they are super pleased according to Vice President Dan Clemson.

“We made a good decision to go to the cloud and it was a very painless thing to do. It was very easy and well done. We are going to unplug the server in the office now,” Clemson said. “We didn’t even need to run a dual system while the migration was happening. It was that easy. This is a testament to how smooth the transition was and to Mark’s team’s knowledge of cloud and PICK/MultiValue.”

The move was done over a weekend. The employees finished their work Friday night and Monday morning they logged into the new system as if nothing had happened.

All Vend no longer has to worry about server and software upgrades and updates and are always on the latest and greatest release.

All Vend Management Corporation is currently running Rocket’s D3 10.3.1 on CentOS 7 in one of the many Google data centers across the globe. They rest well knowing they are taking advantage of their data being encrypted at rest as well as in transit (to and from the server). This is available by default.

Along with migrating to the cloud, they will be utilizing AccuTerm 7 to take advantage of their many new features (including ReZume) along with using CirrusPrint for secure and efficient cloud printing.