Pick Cloud, Inc. Introduces MultiValue Calendar

Pick Cloud, Inc., the first MultiValue Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider specializing in both public and private cloud solutions, has announced a calendar on its website that will include various vendor events, product launches, and MultiValue user groups meetings.

“Now there is one definitive place a person from the MultiValue community can go to find the latest events, whether it be user group meetings, product launches, webinars or vendor user groups,” said Mark Pick, founder and CEO of Pick Cloud, Inc. The calendar is vendor-agnostic and companies can add events to the calendar by contacting Pick Cloud, Inc. The calendar is powered by UpTo, a mobile calendar application. 

“We are excited to take advantage of UpTo's unique features to seamlessly add MultiValue events automatically to a subscribers iPhone or Android device.  Finally a centralized place to find all events happening in the MultiValue community without having to search for them,” added  Pick.                                                                                   

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