Pick Cloud and Ladybridge Systems to Present Webinar Series

Mark Pick, CEO of Pick Cloud, and Martin Phillips, technical director of Ladybridge Systems, are presenting a series of webinars to spotlight new features of OpenQM that help to keep MultiValue in step with emerging technologies.

Pick Cloud is a MultiValue database-as-a-service (DBaaS) provider specializing in both public and private cloud solutions, and Ladybridge Systems is the developer of the OpenQM MultiValue database.

New OpenQM features to be showcased in the webinars include exception handling, which the company says, provides a powerful way in which to handle error conditions and other events in applications, avoiding the need for cascading status codes back through multiple layers of program modules. 

In addition, the webinar will introduce the concept of data collections that use extensions to the familiar MultiValue environment to store and manipulate arbitrarily multi-dimensional data. Data representations such as JSON and XML have the ability to well beyond the three dimensions supported by the MultiValue data model, and processing this data efficiently can present challenges when needing to parse or update large multi-dimensional data items.

According to the companies, the availability of these features eases the transition for developers who are new to MultiValue, and have a background in programming languages such as C# or Java that are built around these concepts.

The first webinar of the series – “Introduction to OpenQM – A Tour of Benefits and Features” was held May 21, 2014. The webinar provided an overview of the features and benefits of the latest release of OpenQM and also featured OpenQM’s database as a service (DBaaS) component. A replay will be available on Pick Cloud Inc.’s website and can be found here.