Pick Cloud to Lease Servers for Short-Term Use

Pick Cloud, a MultiValue Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider, specializing in both public and private cloud solutions, is offering a solution for businesses that are looking for short-term MultiValue server use. Pick Cloud is leasing servers on a short-term basis as part of their cloud suite offerings.

According to Mark Pick, CEO and founder of Pick Cloud, Inc., “There is now a cost-effective alternative for MultiValue application providers and users to spending a lot of time and money to configure, purchase, and set up a server on-premise for short-term use. This server usually ends up sitting idle for the rest of the year, depreciating as it does so. With a short-term option for short-term projects you can afford the technology you need without exhausting your cash flow or lines of credit.”

Offering companies the ability to lease servers in the short term also gives them the flexibility to evaluate concepts, consolidate and migrate, and to temporarily replace servers that are out of commission, according to the vendor.

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