Pillar Data Systems Enhances Axiom Storage Systems

Pillar Data Systems has announced advancements to the Axiom 600 storage system with the new Slammer Series 2. The new Slammer combined with Pillar's fourth-generation AxiomONE software provides twice the cache and twice the processing power, for a 50% increase in overall performance.

Slammer storage controllers are the data movers and managers for Pillar Axiom Storage systems. Each Slammer is a high-availability subsystem, providing connectivity between internal storage resources and external application hosts and management interfaces. These components are integrated with Pillar's AxiomONE software suite, enabling intuitive storage management, configuration and monitoring, according to the company

The Slammer Series 2 leverages Pillar's Quality of Service (QoS) capability in the AxiomONE software suite, enabling customers to further differentiate application IO workloads by promoting and/or demoting the QoS of a LUN or filesystem by Slammer and drive type. Because the new Slammer Series 2 works in conjunction with first-generation Slammers, customers can leverage their existing storage pools, ensuring optimal investment protection.

"We don't force people to pay for a whole new model of a product when we introduce new technology which is different than what other competitors do. in this case, you can choose between a Slammer Series 1 and a Slammer Series 2," Bob Maness, vice president, for worldwide marketing and channel sales, Pillar Data Systems, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The approach is to introduce new technology without disruption through components that work together in a system and intermix "so you can choose what type of configuration you want without having to pay extra software and extra maintenance," Maness emphasizes. "You simply put the new Slammer into a rack of existing equipment and you can take what you have today and make it that much faster and that much available and so on."

Pillar's Slammer Series 2 provides a 50% increase in IOPS as well as double the cache, double the CPU horsepower, a 4X increase in CIFS connections, a 2X increase in number of vLUNs,  a 30% increase in backend performance; as well as 2TB 7200 RPM SATA drive brick support.

For more information about Pillar and the enhanced Axiom Storage System, go here.