Pillar Data Systems Pushes Price/Performance Boundaries with Solid State Drive Technology

Pillar Data Systems, a provider of application-aware storage systems, has announced that through its use of Solid State Drives (SSD) in the Pillar Axiom storage system, Pillar can provide superior $/IOP (input/output performance rate per dollar spent). With the SSDs in the Axiom storage system, Pillar can deliver "the single best" $/IOP in the storage market today, according to Bob Maness, vice president of marketing for Pillar Data Systems.

According to the vendor, in a recent SPC-1 Benchmark result, the Pillar Axiom ranked first in overall performance and price/performance among similarly priced and configured products. The new announcement regarding input/output performance rate per dollar spent extends Pillar's leadership in helping customers reduce total cost of ownership and achieve data center efficiency, according to the company.

"The enhanced performance that SSDs bring often becomes problematic when legacy storage systems are unable to differentiate between different drive types, which in turn cancels out their benefits and drives costs to a prohibitive level," states Maness. With its Quality of Service (QoS) technology, according to Maness, the Pillar Axiom solves this problem by allowing administrators to prioritize data by application type and importance to the business. Only the most mission-critical data is placed on the SSD Bricks, while lower tiers of data reside on traditional drive types like Fibre Channel or SATA. "The Axiom automatically tunes itself to deliver differentiated storage service levels based on the business priority of each application, thus data is stored on the most cost-effective and energy-efficient storage medium given the application requirements," states Maness.

The Axiom's SSD Bricks will include 12 drives per storage enclosure, which can deliver performance gains of up to 100X that of traditional Fibre Channel disk drives. Like standard Axiom Bricks, the SSD Bricks will include Pillar's Distributed RAID technology that allows for easy and rapid scalability with no performance degradation, according to the vendor. The new Axiom Bricks are backed by Pillar's written utilization and performance guarantees.

For more information on the SPC-1 Benchmark result, go here. For more information on Pillar, go here.