Pivotal Software Creates Support Platform for Java Environments

Pivotal Software, Inc., a cloud-native platform provider, is releasing Pivotal Spring Runtime, a comprehensive support package for Java environments.

Pivotal Spring Runtime includes support for the most popular components of a modern Java development stack including:

  • Pivotal Distribution of OpenJDK
  • Spring Support
  • Apache Tomcat Support.

Pivotal’s support services for these components make development with Java simple and hassle-free.

“Spring is the most popular framework for Java with over a million developers choosing Spring every month; it’s how the modern enterprise does Java development,” said Ryan Morgan, VP of engineering, application platform, Pivotal. “Enterprises are now looking for a new long-term supplier for Java. They can enjoy world-class support and unrivaled industry expertise with Pivotal and Pivotal Spring Runtime.”

Pivotal Spring Runtime supports Java workloads running on Linux and Windows server environments including server-side apps running on bare metal, VMs, containers, or Kubernetes. Pivotal Application Service includes Pivotal Spring Runtime, so Java workloads running on the app platform are already covered.

The product is available as a yearly subscription, priced per Kubernetes Pod and per Core.

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