Pivotal Strengthens Its Commitment to PostgreSQL in the Enterprise  

Pivotal Software, a cloud-native platform provider, has announced updates to Pivotal Greenplum, a MPP analytic database based on open source Postgres, as well as a new offering, Pivotal Postgres, Pivotal’s enterprise distribution of open source Postgres.

In its latest version (Greenplum v6), Pivotal says, it combines fast analytic reads with improved write performance to help users consolidate a variety of analytic and operational workloads in a single environment, including point queries, data science exploration, fast event processing, and long-running analytical queries,  with greater scale and concurrency over Greenplum 5. This workload consolidation in a single database engine, allow users to analyze more data without unwanted movement between niche database environments.

Greenplum for Kubernetes, which is also available for Pivotal Container Service (PKS), helps automate self-service deployment, management, and upgrades for a multitude of Greenplum nodes, so data professionals and application developers can focus on higher-level business needs. Data professionals can now enjoy modern automation and orchestration benefits previously enjoyed by application developers.

And finally, the new Pivotal Postgres operational database offering is open source Postgres, curated and packaged with the modules required in large production deployments, such as Replication Manager. Over time, Pivotal says, it plans to curate more of these supporting modules, allowing developers to focus on their business problem rather than researching and acquiring all the right modules, with the right version compatibilities across the components.

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