PlainID Looks to Tackle Identity Security Challenges in 2024

PlainID, the leading global provider of Identity Security, is announcing new product additions to its portfolio after capping off a successful 2023.  

In 2024, PlainID plans to launch several new SaaS-based authorizers designed to improve the manageability and overall security posture of SaaS-based applications via policy orchestration, including authorizers for Zscaler, Snowflake, and Google Big Query.

Additionally, PlainID will be adding a new module to its platform called Identity Insights, which will allow users to truly “know your identity” (KYI) and identify vulnerabilities by gaining insights in identity assurance levels and access pathways.

This new module is scheduled for early release in March 2024 and planned to support Microsoft Entra ID, Okta. and Ping environments.

"Identity security is both about the 'who' and the 'what,'" said Gal Helemski, CTO/CPO and co-founder of PlainID. "The 'who' is the identity, and the 'what' is about what the identity can do and is doing. Understanding that authorization is a crucial element of identity security, we choose to expand our platform to include discovery of the identity and its related activity. The PlainID platform will now provide a comprehensive solution for discovery, management and authorization to support identity security posture management."

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