PlainID’s Authorization-as-a-Service Launch Innovates Advanced Access Controls

PlainID Inc., provider of simple, straightforward solutions for authorization management, is announcing general availability for its SaaS-enabled Authorization Platform, dubbed “Authorization-as-a-Service.” This latest development is a testament to PlainID’s commitment to providing best in class technology, guided by a sole focus on solving the complex challenges associated with authorization—and do so at scale, according to the vendor.

“By providing a fully functional SaaS deployment option, our customers now have three deployment options; SaaS, Hybrid, and On-Premise which allows firms the flexibility and security required in today’s distributed computing environment and data security requirements,” said Tom Ammirati, chief revenue officer at PlainID.

This Cloud-first, Authorization-as-a-Service platform is built to address broad enterprise challenges related to advanced access control, allowing authorization policies to provide advanced data security by enforcing vital access points throughout a distributed computing environment; this includes authorization for API gateways, microservices, and data. PlainID is also debuting their Visual Policy Map in this release, enabling administrators to have visual representation of the impacts of their policies, radically increasing visibility.

“We have added several new PlainID Authorizers, which are out-of-the-box integrations that make authorization simpler and more consistent,” said Ammirati. “PlainID Authorizers quickly extend authorization capabilities to enforcement points across the technology stack.”

Data authorizers in this release include Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Denodo, and SDK for SQL filtering.

Supported by policy-based access control (PBAC), PlainID’s release highlights their Centralized Management Dashboard for management and creation of enterprise-wide authorization policies from a centralized point. This is done while simultaneously maintaining distributed enforcement capabilities; paired with the aforementioned out-of-the-box Authorizers, the launch is prepared to address common authorization patterns and issues.

“As market adoption for authorization is driven by the convergence of traditional identity and access management and cybersecurity requirements, PlainID has enjoyed tremendous year-over-year growth,” said Gal Helemski, chief technology officer, chief product officer, and co-founder of PlainID. “In the future, we believe that PlainID will be behind every connection between an identity and a digital service: monitoring, securing, and validating it. Authorization is the foundation of security: it’s the last mile that governs what people actually can do.”

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