PlanetScale Releases Updates that Enhance the Developer Experience

PlanetScale, the serverless database provider powered by MySQL and Vitess, is offering a number of new innovations that accelerate delivery of “The Future Database,” with new Insights providing granular performance visibility, Portals for multi-region deployment, and Connect enabling expansive analytics platform integrations.

“Today’s announcement builds on our commitment to deliver The Future Database, enabling companies to get out of the infrastructure business and focus on their business,” said Sam Lambert, CEO, PlanetScale. “PlanetScale’s platform-based approach lets development teams take back control of their workflow with a database that’s as easy to use as writing code. There’s simply nothing else like it on the market today – a database that improves the developer experience, and, in doing so, greatly accelerates innovation, passion and productivity.”

PlanetScale accelerates companies’ success by being the best choice for developers on day one, and the most scalable choice when they hit hyperscale, according to the vendor

These enhancements build on other industry-first capabilities introduced by PlanetScale, including PlanetScale Rewind, an “Easy Button” to undo schema migrations instantly; serverless database branching and sharding; and a managed cloud offering for companies with regulatory requirements and compliance constraints.

New enhancements include:

  • PlanetScale Insights leverage PlanetScale’s unique ability to record every single query, giving users detailed database performance metrics and enabling them to identify troubling queries in seconds.
  • PlanetScale Portals put data where users and applications are, enabling users to create read-only database regions to support globally-distributed applications and better serve their users worldwide.
  • PlanetScale Connect lets users do more with their data by making it accessible across the whole organization to enable high-speed analytics. Leveraging PlanetScale’s Airbyte connector, users can now extract and safely load data from PlanetScale into other platforms, such as BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift, for analytical queries. It supports analytical workflows without concerns for corrupting production data.

PlanetScale serves hundreds of millions of queries a day across thousands of databases. It is built atop Vitess, the peerlessly-powerful open source database orchestration layer that underlies YouTube, Slack, Square and Airbnb. PlanetScale customers include GitHub , SoundCloud, MyFitnessPal, Square, Solana, Attentive, and

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