PlanetScale Unveils Ability to Undo Bad Schema Migrations with Zero Data Loss

PlanetScale, the serverless database powered by MySQL and Vitess, is introducing PlanetScale Rewind, an “Easy Button” to undo schema migrations that enables users to recover in seconds from changes that break production databases.

PlanetScale Rewind lets users almost instantly revert changes to the previous healthy state without losing any of the data that was added, modified, or otherwise changed in the interim.

“PlanetScale Rewind gives users the ability to undo a bad migration just as easily as you undo a typo,” said PlanetScale vice president of engineering Nick Van Wiggeren. “So, instead of having to go restart the entire process, imagine if you could just click a button—like Control-Z—and get it back to where it was when you started but, notably, without losing a byte of data. This has never been done before, in any context, in any language, with any other database in the world.”

PlanetScale Rewind builds on the platform’s migration framework that already lets users safely conduct zero-downtime migrations, and applies a set of patented Vitess-based mitigation techniques—VReplication—to safely revert changes in seconds with a new deploy request.

PlanetScale, which currently serves hundreds of millions of queries a day across thousands of databases, is built atop Vitess, the peerlessly-powerful open source database orchestration layer that underlies YouTube, Slack, Square, and Airbnb.

PlanetScale is a developer-first database requiring no knowledge or selection of all the usual cloud zones, cluster sizes, and other database-centric details that others require and that increase complexity for developers.

It accelerates companies’ success by being both the best choice for developers on day one, and the most scalable choice when they hit hyperscale. PlanetScale customers include GitHub, New Relic, Slack, MyFitnessPal, Square, Affirm and

“The introduction of PlanetScale Rewind is personal for me,” said PlanetScale CEO Sam Lambert. “Early in my career I was in my first week with one of the top companies in tech and I, having been assured that all was safe, made a change that took the whole platform offline for two hours. There’s simply no worse feeling in the world, and there was also a real business impact. That PlanetScale now allows you to undo that with just a keystroke is simply a miracle for legions of DBAs and for developers of all types. PlanetScale Rewind builds on our commitment to reducing the pain that DBAs face and to letting organizations of every size, from single engineers to the Fortune 50, focus solely on building the next big thing.”

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