Platfora 5.0 Improves Data Preparation and Real-Time Capabilities for Hadoop

Platfora, a data discovery platform native to Hadoop, is reaching another milestone for its solution, bringing modern data preparation and real-time capabilities to a wide audience.

“We make big data feel accessible, we make it iterative and we use special technology with machine learning and advanced analytics to guide users to their goals,” said Pete Schlampp, vice president of products at Platfora. “We’ve been working in the lab on this for almost year and a half and version 5.0 is really the culmination of a lot of this work. It’s a big upgrade for us and our customers. I think it’s going to be a huge benefit for them.”

Platfora 5.0 brings more self-service data preparation tools to users, doubling down on these features with a brand new user interface powered by Spark.

“We went from 20 rows of data to tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of rows of data at any time,” Schlampp said. “We make it easy for you to sort through and access the data in front of you to find the value you need. Spark allows us to do that in real-time.”

The platform adds support for Cloudera, allowing integration with Apache Sentry, Impala and Parquet files.

Because sharing is very important to Platfora, Schlampp explained, visualizations can now be imported to internal and external websites. Support for Microsoft Excel has also been added.

The update brings more powerful and specific rules for building segments to measure behavioral analytics.

The enhancements were driven in part by customer feedback and the decision to back SparK “We saw it as changing the data landscape and we’re really glad we made that bet on it,” Schlampp said.

The enhancements will benefit business users and emerging citizen data scientists – a business user that is more curious than the average user, according to Schlampp.

“Platfora believes that we want to enable business users to have access to big data,” Schlampp said. “It’s going to get better, more powerful and easier to use so I’m looking forward to another release in December as well.”

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