Platfora Addresses Need for Speed in Big Data Analytics

Platfora, a big data discovery platform built on Apache Hadoop and Spark, is updating its platform to make it even faster for business users and data scientists to collaborate to derive insights from big data analytics.  

“The value of Platfora is enabling business analysts to answer these questions they have in a self service way,” said Denise Hemke, director of product management at Platfora. “The key goal is really allowing you to iterate around that loop of investigating and exploring data, then discovering insights and bringing in new data into the system.”

Platfora 4.5 introduces the Aurora Visualization Engine, the company’s third-generation visualization technology that allows vibrant web-based interaction with the massive and interlinked datasets needed for cutting-edge use cases such as multi-channel customer analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) pattern analysis, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) cybersecurity analytics.

“This is really focused on a number of different things - continuing to render visualizations at scale and at the performance people have come to expect,” Hemke said.  Additionally, the update increases performance of Platfora’s big data acceleration layer (Lenses) by 10x or more, enhances Platfora’s segmentation capabilities for richer customer and behavioral analysis, and streamlines sharing and security for improved sharing within large organizations.

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