Platfora In-Memory BI Platform for Hadoop Now Generally Available

Platfora, a native in-memory business intelligence platform for Hadoop, is now generally available. This platform puts business users directly in touch with big data and removes the need for data warehouse and ETL software. This provides customers with meaningful insights from their data in hours instead of weeks or months, the company says. Additionally, Platfora enters the market with support from the greater Hadoop community.

Platfora aims to accelerate the process of accessing big data, which appeals to the entire organization, from IT admininstrators to business executives. “The difference with Platfora is that we’re putting the end users directly in touch with all the data that’s collected in Hadoop,” Peter Schlampp, vice president of product and marketing at Platfora, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Queries are consistently fast, enabling users to explore and find insights at the speed of thought, according to the vendor. Combining Platfora with Hadoop makes users more agile, reducing the time required to add new datasets or ask different questions.

Platfora has partnered with all major Apache Hadoop distributions, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR and EMC/Greenplum. The company  says it will continue to invest in supporting the latest technology in the Hadoop ecosystem, including the emerging category of SQL-style interfaces to Hadoop.

Platfora is available now and can be run on-premise or in the cloud utilizing standard general-purpose hardware. Subscription software licenses are priced on a preserver, per year basis. For more information, visit