Platfora Releases New Version of Big Data Analytics Platform

Platfora, which provides a big data analytics platform built natively on Hadoop and Spark, has introduced Platfora 4.0 with advanced visualizations, geo-analytics capabilities, and collaboration features to enable users with a range of skill levels to work iteratively with data at scale.

A recent survey from Luth Research found that 52% of analytics users trying to work with big data must break it down into smaller parts to analyze it. “We pull the raw data into an in-memory database and then provide access to business users to that data through a beautifully graphically rich data visualization environment which is HTML 5. What makes this platform different is that when your questions change the system will automatically change the questions for you,” explained Peter Schlampp, VP of Product for Platfora. This process allows for more employees within the company to understand big data.

Advanced visualizations, geo-analytics, and insight delivery 

The major enhancements for Platfora 4.0 are advanced visualizations, geo-analytics, and insight delivery. 

With this release, Platfora built upon its library of visualization tools by adding polar charts, trellises, packed bubbles, word clouds and gauges. This allows users to achieve new views and insights in seconds.

“In this world of big data, one of the things that people are really collecting is location data,” added Schlampp.  Platfora 4.0 enables users to visualize geographical data using interactive maps. Platfora Big Data Analytics 4.0 can display multiple attributes of data on the same map and zoom in or drill down to provide deeper views, making it easy to find relationships and insights.  

In addition, the insight delivery tool simplifies the sharing of data analysis throughout a company. This allows users to share PDF emailing visualization without ever having to leave the Platfora platform.

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