Platform 9 and MayaData Partner to Boost Kubernetes Workloads

MayaData and Platform9 are collaborating on the deployment and operation of performance-sensitive stateful workloads on Kubernetes.

Through the partnership, users of Platform9's managed Kubernetes offerings are able to deploy and operate MayaData's Kubera Propel, which provides a validated high-performance enterprise edition of the CNCF project OpenEBS.

"Our collaboration with MayaData on the newly released OpenEBS based Kubera Propel for data storage and management on Kubernetes further improves our leadership position in providing managed Kubernetes for the edge and related use cases," said Madhura Maskasky, VP of product for Platform9.

Platform9's Managed Kubernetes as a service (PMK) manages Kubernetes across any cloud provider or on-premise deployment.

OpenEBS is now validated in the freedom tier of Platform9 Managed Kubernetes and is particularly popular for those users running performance-sensitive workloads at the edge.

"Platform9 has earned a great reputation as a provider of managed Kubernetes, eliminating operational deployment and management complexity," said Evan Powell, CEO of MayaData. "We are extremely proud of their selection of OpenEBS as a recommended option for their users. Together we deliver an unmatched solution especially for the operation of stateful workloads with performance requirements at the edge. Key vertical markets that can leverage the solution include retail, ISV, and telcos deploying new 5G applications."

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