Plexxi Seeks to Replace Storage Area Networks with Cloud Approach

Plexxi, a provider of data center infrastructure tools, plans to introduce a suite of new product integrations through its Plexxi Connect Open Integration Platform. The integrations are aimed at delivering a programmable network fabric for converged infrastructure and storage environments. Plexxi products are intended to be building blocks for cloud systems builders.

The growth of the overall converged infrastructure market will come at the expense of traditional enterprise storage, including Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs), said Rich Napolitano, chief executive officer at Plexxi. Fibre Channel SANs no longer serve the requirements and demands of today’s modern data centers that emphasize distributed applications, data, storage and workloads. “Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs) are dying,” he added. “Customers are moving to more scalable and modern third-platform converged infrastructure designs that move their storage traffic onto the IP network. Having the right network infrastructure is crucial to the successful deployment of these new designs.”

The new software releases include product integrations with VMware, Hortonworks and Nutanix for managing data, application and storage workload traffic across next-generation, distributed, scale-out data center architectures for public and private clouds.

Plexxi’s application-defined networking solution is designed to provide customers with a single, integrated environment for simplified automation, orchestration, management and control for storage and converged infrastructure.

In conjunction with the release of the Nutanix integration, Plexxi announced that the company’s Switch 2 product series has been certified in networking and security and achieved “Nutanix Ready” status.

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