Pliable Launches with $2.5M, Aims to Democratize Data Management

Pliable, an AI-powered SaaS platform that simplifies organizing and leveraging data without an engineer, is coming out of stealth with a $2.5 million seed round led by Resolute Ventures, enabling the company to expand its team and platform to create a single source of truth for anyone to streamline their data processes.

The seed round included participation from CEAS, Counterview Capital, and other investors.

"Regardless of the size of your business, companies should have access to comprehensive data capabilities. While the technology for this exists, most solutions require clean and consolidated data to function properly, and others require costly investments in data engineers or infrastructure," said Jason Raede, co-founder and CEO of Pliable. "It shouldn't be this way—most companies don't have the resources or time to transform their data management practices. With the launch of Pliable, we're changing how data management works, significantly reducing costs and increasing access to trustworthy data."

By combining, de-duplicating, and validating data across multiple sources, Pliable empowers users to quickly compile a source of truth for data across the entire business—ultimately replacing the need for data engineers and complicated infrastructure, according to the company.

Pliable’s simple, no-code architecture allows everyone—not just the data team—to consolidate, organize, and explore their company’s data across all aspects of their business, enabling them to:

  • Access accurate, trustworthy data faster through quick and easy resolution of duplicate records, even across different systems
  • Create a repeatable, consistent way to update company metrics giving employees more time to focus on their priorities
  • Leverage tools compatible with Pliable to add, enrich, and standardize information (e.g., phone numbers, addresses, etc.)

“The modern data stack has evolved quickly, and CEAS has had a front-row seat as an early investor in Fivetran. From that seat, we see a downstream friction of non-technical user adoption for which Pliable solves,” said Mike Wohl, chief investment officer at CEAS. “Pliable is the solution that will enable low-tech and/or low-budget data-curious teams to answer their business intelligence questions. While many new startups are entering the transformation game to compete with dbt, Pliable is expanding the pie of buyers to include a new buyer set the current modern data stack couldn’t reach.”

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