Pliops Showcases Solutions that Enable Data Centers to Thrive

Pliops, a provider of data processors for cloud and enterprise data centers, is delivering broad-spectrum workload acceleration with its Extreme Data Processor (XDP).

The company is also collaborating with scale-out software provider Hammerspace and will introduce a new joint solution.

Making its debut is a new solution featuring Pliops’ XDP PCIe Gen 5 accelerator and the Hammerspace Global Data Platform. Offering compelling technical and financial benefits, the combination of XDP’s ability to increase reliability, performance, scalability, and data protection at a lower cost/TB and Hammerspace’s advanced data orchestration capabilities allows organizations to optimize node and cluster-level data storage in their Global Data Platform, according to the companies.

The solution also addresses the urgent need to seamlessly orchestrate data across multiple storage types, geographical locations, and cloud and on-premises storage.

"Hammerspace Hyperscale NAS is software-defined and because of that we have the advantage of working with a wide range of external storage solutions including servers with massive capacity densities," said Tony Asaro, chief strategy and business development officer, Hammerspace. "When we understood what Pliops brought to the table we were jumping out of our seats. Our testing showed that their Extreme Data Processor significantly increases performance, enables compression on a live file system and they have technology that extends the life of QLC drives, that in sum provides incredible and quantifiable price, performance and protection value. We can literally leverage one or one thousand plus of these systems in our file systems to meet whatever scalability requirements fit our customers' needs."

Pliops XDP maximizes data center infrastructure investments by exponentially increasing application performance, storage reliability and capacity, as well as overall stack efficiency.

"As a company focused on building the fastest storage engine, we understand the critical role smart storage plays in AI workflows, and we know that storage solutions must also evolve to keep pace. Our latest innovations are designed to not only meet the current demands of data-intensive applications but also to anticipate and address future challenges,” said Ido Bukspan, Pliops CEO. “By integrating advanced data processing capabilities and ensuring seamless scalability, Pliops empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency in their AI-driven operations.”

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