Pneuron and UST Global Target Analytics Needs in Financial, Insurance and Healthcare Sectors

Businesses are always looking for an edge leveraging their data when it comes to cost and efficiency. Pneuron Corp., a provider of distributed solutions, has partnered with UST Global, an information technology solutions and services company for Global 1000 enterprises, to address the needs of companies in financial services, insurance and healthcare — three verticals where, the vendors say, diverse, complex and constantly changing requirements must be expertly served.

The companies say the partnership will enable UST and Pneuron to expand market share in their respective domains by leveraging connected products and services. Establishing relationships with the correct partners opens up many new doors to potential customers. Pneuron offers value by offering their platform to partners to pre-build templates of solutions for their customers. This allows for a big head start when it comes to deploying a unique solution for their customers.

“From the ground up we have had a partnering mentality. If we combine our enabling platform with the expertise, relationships, and scale of some well chosen partners, they can help us scale ourselves into multiple verticals, and leverage those relationships to help bring us to the table,” explained Tom Fountain, CTO, Pneuron Corporation.

According to Pneuron, traditional approaches to data warehousing require companies to take data to the analysis, while Pneuron does the opposite, enabling a distributed approach to analytics and delivering critical benefits better aligned to today’s key challenges

The Pneuron platform aims to deploy solutions more quickly than traditional methods with a lower TCO. It enables pulling numerous distributed sources such as data from databases and web services, as well as application functionality, into a single solution. Pneuron will take the pertinent data from the sources and place it in the Pneuron environment where it can be strung together to solve a business problem.

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