Newsletters and F5 Join Forces to Power LLM Efficiency, Reliability, and Security, a leading provider of AI gateway and observability solutions, is unveiling a strategic partnership with F5, Inc., a global leader in multicloud application security and delivery, with the goal of increasing the efficiency, reliability, and security of deploying, managing, and monitoring large language model (LLM) apps. 

This partnership merges the power of's AI Gateway and Observability suite with F5’s Distributed Cloud Services, empowering enterprises to deliver highly performant, intelligent, and secure AI apps at scale, according to the companies. 

"Our partnership with F5 marks a significant milestone for us in our mission to empower enterprises with reliable and controlled AI applications," said Rohit Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of "By integrating F5's cutting-edge application security and delivery solutions with our AI gateway and observability suite, we are unlocking new possibilities for businesses to deploy and manage AI applications at scale. This collaboration will drive innovation and empower organizations across industries to harness the power of large language models with confidence and scale."

"We are excited to partner with to help joint customers securely deliver AI workloads in multicloud environments, leveraging F5 Distributed Cloud Services’ secure multicloud networking," said Pranav Dharwadkar, VP, product management at F5. "This collaboration exemplifies F5’s commitment to enabling organizations to deploy and manage cutting-edge technologies while ensuring the highest standards of performance, availability, and security." and F5’s partnership offers the following capabilities: 

  • Intelligent LLM orchestration via’s AI gateway which intelligently routes API requests to the most suitable LLM backend based on a variety of conditions, including  model capabilities, performance, and availability
  • High availability and scalability with F5 Distributed Cloud Services, offering advanced load balancing and traffic management capabilities 
  •’s automated failover and resilience that detects and reroutes traffic to alternative LLM backends in the event of disruption, paired with F5’s ability to ease traffic transitions
  • Comprehensive observability and insights with’s observability suite, delivering real-time logs, metrics, and traces that surface crucial details about AI deployments
  • Enterprise-grade security with F5 Distributed Cloud Services' Web App and API Protection (WAAP)
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