Postman Flows Makes API Application Development Accessible for Everyone

Postman, the API platform company, is announcing the general availability of Postman Flows, a low-code tool to enable those without extensive programming experience to create API applications. Bringing accessibility to the world of application development, Postman Flows utilizes APIs as building blocks to allow anyone to produce automations, integrations, and workflows without writing code, according to the vendor.

This sort of accessibility to create applications that remediates daily problems has been an ongoing desire among those with minimal programming experience—whether they be financial analysts, customer service agents, or senior business leaders. Postman Flows unites tens of thousands of readily available APIs with a “block” concept to provide a low-code solution for developing applications.

“APIs are the building blocks of modern software. However, those blocks have not always been accessible to everyone,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman. “We are on a mission to change this. With more than 25 million users across every continent, we believe Postman can accomplish this at a massive scale so that any user, anywhere, can build and participate in today’s API-first world.”

The process of creating applications is made simple; users drag the “blocks” to build a new application and then deploy the workflow. By manipulating data extracted from APIs with the help of AI, users can use natural language to type out exactly what they want to do while developing.

“Postman Flows is the sweet spot for us, as it gives our non-technical team members a low-code tool to build, document, test, and implement an API workflow,” said Thomas Schlegel, distinguished engineer at Built Technologies. “We can accomplish tasks faster with fewer errors, and we look forward to maximizing these benefits across the organization.”

Postman Flows’ beta program has already seen hundreds of thousands of users successfully build API applications, according to the vendor.

“Postman Flows makes prototyping and testing easy,” said Sid Verma, partner engineer at Notion. “Building connections visually is more intuitive and clear, which results in spending more time building and less time digging through code.”

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