Postman Partnership with Microsoft Adds Further Enhancements to the Developer Experience

Postman, supplier of an API platform, is partnering with Microsoft to further the embrace of API-first lifecycles and improve the lives of developers and Microsoft Azure customers alike.

The Postman API Platform, aimed at leveraging the expanding popularity of APIs, streamlines each step of the API-first lifecycle for improved collaboration and development, according to the company. Postman serves more than 20 million developers and 500,000 organizations, 98% of which are recognized as Fortune 500 companies—representing a mass number of developers whose workflows are simplified with Postman’s platform.

“APIs are at the heart of any modern-day business and are not just for building applications,” said Smit Patel, head of partnerships at Postman. “API integrations connect applications and services throughout an organization's tech stack, enabling collaboration across disparate providers. You can dramatically increase the speed at which you can access data, content, and media across an enterprise and add, update, and delete information—all because you know where the back door is.”

Now integrated with Microsoft Azure API Management, built as a hybrid, multi-cloud management platform, Postman enables users to create and test their APIs within their platform, and then deploy them directly to Azure for optimized API onboarding. As a leading cloud provider, Microsoft’s Azure API Management abstracts back-end services and creates modern API gateways available in more than 50 regions globally.

“Our goal is to enable developers with the most efficient way to build, manage, consume, and collaborate with APIs, so a partnership with Postman was a natural decision for us,” said Balan Subramanian at Microsoft. “Our integrations will enable customers to realize productivity benefits at each phase of the API lifecycle. Together, we look forward to seeing how developers and customers everywhere will continue to drive innovation across their organizations by embracing an API-first culture.”

Additional features of this collaboration include:

  • Postman-initiated imports from Azure API Management with the ability to import OpenAPI definitions from Azure API Management.
  • Export of OpenAPI definitions to Azure API Management with support for versions, revisions, host selection, and environment variables.
  • Azure API Management-initiated exports of APIs into Postman using “Run in Postman.”

This announcement follows Postman’s launch of the Postman Ecosystem Partner Program, which allows companies and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build joint solutions with the Postman API Platform. Postman intends to further expand this program, partnering with more organizations like Microsoft to enhance the developer experience.

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