Postman v10 Upholds the Enterprise’s Pledge to Deliver API-Driven Productivity, Quality, and Governance

API-first platform, Postman, is unveiling Postman v10, the platform’s most comprehensive update that promises enhanced productivity and quality through collaboration and integration features, as well as strengthened API governance and security functions. According to Postman’s 2022 State of the API Report, 89% of approximately 37,000 API professionals stated that investments into APIs will increase or remain the same within their respective organizations throughout the next year—making Postman’s promise of productivity, quality, and governance for APIs increasingly critical.

“With this evolution of Postman, we continue our mission to grow and innovate alongside our community and customers who have adopted an API-first mindset,” said Ankit Sobti, co-founder and CTO of Postman. “API-driven development continues to generate economic value across organizations of every size and mission. From solo entrepreneurs, developers, and students to nonprofits and the world’s largest brands, 20 million users around the world look to the Postman API Platform to bring delight to their work while increasing productivity and meeting the highest of development standards.”

Postman segments this significant update into three categories: high productivity, great quality, and airtight governance—further aligning with the aforementioned Postman promise.

High productivity in Postman v10 is delivered through features such as native Git support, partner workspaces, and an enhanced reiteration of the Private API Network. Native Git support—a highly requested integration from the Postman community—allows developers operating with Postman to directly integrate it with their Git source code repository, improving multi-user, multi-branch collaborative capabilities. Postman v10’s partner workspaces are shared, secure, access-controlled spaces built for developers and their partners to collaborate, introducing a new sphere of users such as System Integrators (SIs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) interested in co-development. The newly updated Private API Network for Postman catalogs APIs for accelerated user discovery and reuse ability; the network also features deep integration with collections and workspaces, according to the vendor.

Postman’s assurance of great quality with v10 materializes as extended ease-of-use for developers employing their platform, as well as continued support for various API frameworks. Test Automation using Postman CLI introduces the Postman command line client, allowing developers to comprehensively integrate with continuous integration and build systems. Developers can fetch collections and environments, as well as complete governance checks and tests, via execution directly into the CLI. With native gRPC support, Postman further extends its support for API networks, such as REST, SOAP, WebSockets, and GraphQL.

Airtight governance with v10 safeguards against potential workflow impacts with integrated security functions and advanced API lifecycle monitoring. Providing developers with API security guidelines and rules on the same platform as their design/build/test/deploy operations allows API deployment without a workflow change. Further, API governance in Postman v10 features early ruleset detection in API lifecycles for improved quality and visibility into API standards, postures, and guidelines compliance.

“Whether developers work by themselves or collaborate with a small team, partners, or with their entire organizations, they have the purpose-built space for ideation and creation,” said Mohan Rajagopalan, head of marketing at Postman. “They can bring in the right people and leverage a common set of tools to build products and services. At Postman, we want to ensure that everything a developer needs to develop APIs is accessible, provided in context, and increases their velocity.”

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