Postman’s Ecosystem Partner Program Provides Varying Strategies for Employing API-First Software Models

Leading API platform, Postman, is launching its Ecosystem Partner Program for joint solution construction on the Postman API Platform for enterprises and independent software vendors (ISVs). The Ecosystem Partner Program promises enterprise advantage via developer efficiency and increased visibility within Postman’s user base—one that consists of over 20 million API professionals.

Postman highlights an API-first model of software for more simplistic API lifecycles and efficient collaboration strategies for accelerated API development. APIs continue to rapidly increase in relevance for modern software architectures, citing that Postman users had made about one billion API requests last year, according to the vendor.

“As companies begin to understand the value of being API-first, we are seeing more organizations prioritize building, using, and innovating with APIs,” said Abhinav Asthana, co-founder and CEO of Postman. “This has contributed to a rapidly evolving API platform landscape; the new Ecosystem Partner Program will connect companies with the tools and resources they need to meet their API-first potential and succeed in the modern development landscape.”

The launch consists of two tiers for partnerships, and is considered open to any enterprise that supplies developer or API tools:

  • Integration Partners: supplied with Postman team support via in-depth documentation to build an integration with Postman API Platform and self-service resources.
    • Access to Postman product and engineering team for technical support.
    • Postman-backed partner-led promotion, i.e., blogs, newsletters, social media posts.
    • Current integration partners include APIMetrics, APISec, Speedscale, Tyk, and Workato.
  • Strategic Partners: focused on native Postman integration based on adoption by Postman users.
    • Co-build native support for strategic integrations with Postman and supply enhanced go-to-market support.
    • Partner manager and Slack channel for support, both technical and relationship.
    • Customized co-marketing plan and execution.
    • Current strategic partners include AWS, GitHub, GitLab, New Relic, and PagerDuty.

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