Powered by Airbyte Simplifies Data Integration with Over 100 Connectors

Airbyte, creator of the fastest-growing open source data integration platform, is unveiling “Powered by Airbyte,” a solution leveraging Airbyte’s extensive library of connectors that enable software developers to embed over 100 integrations into their apps. This version of Airbyte accelerates time-to-market while alleviating the pains of arduous integration building.

The process of building data integrations from scratch has burdened engineering teams whose focus could otherwise be placed on building out product features and capabilities, according to Airbyte.

Powered by Airbyte innovates in this area of inefficiency by enabling rapid data movement and synchronization between various sources and destinations, underpinned by Airbyte’s large—and growing—connector library. Teams can then add hundreds of integrations in an instant, freeing engineering teams from ELT pipeline maintenance.

"Engineering teams shouldn't need to build everything themselves,” said Michel Tricot, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte. “They are wasting time on integration work when they don't need to do that. Now, their data movement and integration needs are covered with Powered by Airbyte so that they can refocus their engineering time on their product's core value proposition."

Additionally, no data is stored or viewable by Airbyte—giving app developers and engineers peace of mind that their assets are safe.

Early users of Powered by Airybyte have seen considerable success, explaining how:

“With Airbyte, we don’t need to worry about connectors and focus on creating value for our users instead of building infrastructure. That’s priceless,” said Chase Zieman, chief data officer at Cart, a fast-growing provider of solutions that helps brands get their products in the hands of their buyers. “The time and energy saved allows us to disrupt and grow faster.”

“Our team of data engineers could easily develop new connectors or customize existing ones to meet our clients' needs [with Powered by Airbyte]. The platform’s resilience and reliability mean that we can now focus more on deriving insights and less on managing data pipelines,” said Damon Henry, founder and CEO of KORTX, a digital marketing firm delivering personalized experiences for client and custom reporting built on BigQuery and Looker.

“With Airbyte as our ally, KORTX is not just meeting but exceeding client expectations, ensuring that advertising campaigns are not just effective but are also backed by data that is as robust as it is reliable,” Henry continued.

Powered by Airbyte is currently offered as a Headless Version, which enables customers to fully customize their user experience by powering the product's frontend UI with the Airbyte API behind the scenes. A UI Version, which skips UI building so that customers can immediately authenticate and sync data, will soon be in early access.

Pricing for Powered by Airbyte is largely determined by the number of customers synching data through Airbyte, simplifying pricing forecasts and predictability, according to the company.

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