Precisely Delivers Location-Based Insights and Easy Data Enrichment with Latest Update

Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, is announcing two new services for the Precisely Data Integrity Suite—the modular, interoperable suite for delivering accurate, consistent, contextual data to your business. This release introduces Spatial Analytics and Data Enrichment services to Precisely’s suite, offering location-aware capabilities that enhance data management in increasingly complex data estates. This announcement also debuts a new private API for mainframe replication, providing more flexible deployment options to help meet business and IT rules.

Spatial Analytics empowers enterprises with location-based data to surface deeper, more valuable insights—including the patterns, trends, and relationships between location-based datasets. These insights serve to improve risk assessment, resource allocation, property-related performance evaluation, and targeted campaigns, according to Precisely.

Additionally, Spatial Analytics’ insights can be easily shared through enriched business processes, maps, and out-of-the-box reports, increasing revenue growth.

“Spatial Analytics help organizations understand the real world, which is where their businesses operate,” said Chris Hall, chief product officer at Precisely. “Underwriters, actuaries, marketers, and management teams can quickly assess opportunities and risks at specific locations. Organizations that are looking to open a new location or manage their physical assets can easily pinpoint just the right spot, and companies that need to find the right customers for their goods and services can understand the communities in which they operate better to improve their customer interactions.”

Spatial Analytics also enables organizations to design custom location-aware applications through scalable, performant, cloud native tools for development and deployment.

Precisely’s new Data Enrichment services help enterprises unite first- and third-party data to transform their business assets, driving more accurate predictions, trustworthy models, and innovation, according to the company.

Data Enrichment reduces the time and resources necessary to enrich data with reliable datasets, requiring little effort to use and prepare. This allows organizations to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies that would be otherwise unacknowledged with just first-party data.

Connecting related datasets with Precisely’s Data Enrichment service “shows new possibilities, provides deeper insights, and reveals previously hidden relationships, ultimately leading to better decision-making and strategic planning,” noted Hall.

With the new Private Mainframe Replication API—a part of the Data Integration service within the Precisely Data Integrity Suite—-enterprises are afforded the freedom of moving data when and where they require it. Regardless if the environment is a private data center, an on-premises system, or a hybrid environment, the Private Mainframe Replication API leverages a container-based architecture that enhances deployment speed, offers consistency and portability, and improves scalability and resource efficiency, according to Hall.

The flexibility delivered by the Private Mainframe Replication API is particularly beneficial to businesses in highly regulated industries, such as financial services, banking, and insurance. These verticals, often constrained by rigid deployment requirements, can leverage Precisely’s Private Mainframe Replication API to meet internal and external deployment needs while simultaneously accessing valuable—and often siloed—mainframe data, according to the company.

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