Precisely Supports IBM i Systems, Expands AWS Mainframe Modernization

Precisely, a leader in data integrity, is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to expand AWS Mainframe Modernization Data Replication with Precisely. Customers will now have the capability to replicate IBM i series data to AWS in near real-time.

According to the companies, the AWS Mainframe Modernization Data Replication with Precisely for IBM i systems empowers customers to eliminate data silos associated with legacy systems to fuel even more powerful analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) on AWS, and support modernization initiatives.

It allows organizations to unlock the value of long-standing systems and seamlessly integrate data—an essential step on the journey to data integrity.

“Our work with AWS further highlights the expertise that Precisely has built over many decades integrating data from some of the world’s most complex transactional systems, including IBM i and mainframe,” said Eric Yau, Chief Operating Officer at Precisely. “We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with AWS and our shared commitment to help customers fully leverage valuable data assets across their infrastructure.”

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