PremiumSoft Launches Navicat Monitor Version 2.0

PremiumSoft has announced the release of Navicat Monitor version 2.0, which provides database server monitoring that covers system resources for MySQL, MariaDB, and SQL Server.

The company which is based in Hong Kong SAR, says its multi-platform application runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and enables agentless installation for physical, virtual, and cloud servers without endpoint deployment complexity.

According to PremiumSoft, Navicat Monitor translates metric data into visuals to help organizations have a clearer understanding of their server performance. It enables users to define warning thresholds so that they can be alerted when a problem is building. They can also monitor the health of transactional replication and merge replication based on the hierarchy and relationship of publishers and their subscribers

Navicat Monitor includes real-time and historical graphs that allow users to drill down into server statistic details. In the latest version of Navicat Monitor, users can uncover the problematic queries, such as identifying long running queries with cumulative execution time count; slow queries with unacceptable response time; and deadlocks when two or more queries permanently block each other.

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