Preview the New Online Editing Feature in Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code (MVVS) v2.1.0

Rocket Software is releasing Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code (MVVS) v2.1.0, including a preview of the highly anticipated feature—Online Editing.

“With MVVS, developers can now enhance their productivity, streamline their workflows, and simplify the modernization of their applications, all within the popular development environment, Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code),” said Christine Rizza, senior product manager, Rocket Software.

In the latest MVVS v2.1.0 extension, the Online Editing feature takes center stage, enabling users to effortlessly view and edit program files either locally or remotely on a Rocket UniVerse or Rocket UniData server, according to the company.

“We consider 2.1.0 to be a Minimal Viable Product (MVP),” Rizza said. “The 2.1.0 Online Editing feature lays the groundwork for future releases, which will expand the range of MVVS operations.”

It's important to note that while the MVP of Online Editing supports most Language Server Protocol (LSP) features when connected to a UniData or UniVerse server, there are a few limitations in this preview:

  • Features like Go to Definition, Rename, and Find References may not locate references or definitions in other files.
  • Compilation, debugging, and customer documentation functionalities are not supported in the current version.
  • Only one instance of VS Code per desktop can be connected to a server at a time.

Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code empowers developers to embrace modern development practices while leveraging the familiarity and convenience of Visual Studio Code. With the exciting addition of the Online Editing feature in MVVS v2.1.0, developers can accelerate their productivity and simplify application modernization, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation in MultiValue development.

“I’m also proud to share that Rocket Software's Enablement and Education team introduced a comprehensive eLearning course. This course extends the current documentation and incorporates video explainers, enabling users to set up their own development environment efficiently,” said Rizza.

To take advantage of the new, free MVVS eLearning course, visit and to watch a short video, and visit the Rocket MV blog site.

And, to experience the benefits of Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code firsthand, simply visit the VS Code Marketplace and download the free extension today. The Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code extension is readily available and easily accessible.

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