PrivaceraCloud 4.0 Enables Enterprises to Easily and Securely Share Data

Privacera, the unified data access governance provider founded by the creators of Apache Ranger, is releasing PrivaceraCloud 4.0, enabling enterprises to securely and rapidly exchange data—both inside and outside organizational boundaries—with a unified interface to govern and enforce fine-grained data permissions and policies.

The new governed data sharing capabilities in PrivaceraCloud 4.0 provide access across a greater amount of business data, enabling enterprises to make faster, more intelligent business decisions.

Enterprises can leverage this shared data to gain a deeper understanding of customers and improve their experiences, while keeping pace with evolving business needs.

Governed data sharing also reduces operational costs by enabling organizations to leverage their current cloud systems and investments without setting up new data streams or ingestion channels to securely collaborate or share data, according to the vendor.

PrivaceraCloud 4.0 distributes data ownership and logically grouping functional data sets into Data Domains (e.g., sales or marketing data) across the enterprise. Data Owners are assigned for each Data Domain, so each aspect of the data governance framework is aligned with Data Owners who work most closely with the data and understand it best.

Governed data sharing accelerates business transformation and critical data insights by enabling:

  • Rapid, Self-Service Data Access - Data consumers can request access to data within their assigned Data Domains, and data owners can rapidly grant access with one click, accelerating analysis of trusted data for faster analytics and business insights.
  • Automated Policy Enforcement - Data access policies are automated and enforced between Data Owners and Data Domains, alleviating IT teams from managing hundreds of access requests from data consumers manually, while still maintaining holistic visibility of data and its usage.
  • Unified Data Visibility & Compliance - Visibility of data and how it is used across enterprises is unified and auditable across all data sources, ensuring enterprises are safeguarded against compliance or privacy violations.
  • Scalability for the Future of Cloud - Unified data access policies and enforcement, coupled with automated workflows, ensure enterprises are ever-ready for the continued influx of more data, more users, and more connected cloud services.

“PrivaceraCloud 4.0 is a direct response to a tremendous need we’ve seen across the data and analytics industry. Our customers asked for a seamless, secure way to share critical business data internally and externally with partners, so they can keep pace with rapidly evolving business needs—and we listened,” said Rajiv Dholakia, VP of product management at Privacera. “We are excited to provide this new, unified, secure experience to help our customers and partners alike truly maximize the power of their data and transform their businesses.”

With PrivaceraCloud 4.0, enterprises can unify their analytics processes to enable secure, seamless data collaboration internally across various business units, as well as externally with partners, customers, and suppliers, to transform data value without compromising security or privacy.

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