Privitar and StreamSets Collaborate to Streamline and Minimize the Privacy Risk in Data Pipelines

Privitar, a data privacy platform provider, and StreamSets, provider of a DataOps platform, are forming a new partnership and native product integration designed to help organizations accelerate access to data-driven insights.

Through the new native integration, users can leverage StreamSets to design and run data pipelines to their data science and data analytics applications, seamlessly applying Privitar’s data privacy policies across all of their execution environments.

“Business users are increasingly demanding continuous access to shared data as it is generated across organizations and ecosystems, enabling fast decisions on fresh data, while simultaneously complying with increasingly complex regulation,” said Jobi George, general manager, StreamSets Cloud. “We’re delighted in this partnership, extending Privitar’s privacy protections to StreamSets’ smart data pipelines enables teams to get analytical value out of broader and wider data sets by safely integrating and combining sensitive data.”

StreamSets enables users to quickly build data pipelines, complete with visual, full-lifecycle tools for designing, operating, managing and optimizing data pipelines across the enterprise.

“By partnering and integrating our platforms, Privitar and StreamSets ensure that data owners and users can be confident the privacy protections they need are applied consistently, every time and everywhere, regardless of the tools they use to analyze their data or the environments to which it flows,” said Marc Moesse, VP of product at Privitar. “Users will be able to deliver a continuous supply of data to every part of their organization, and safely utilize sensitive data to gain timely insights and support data-driven decisions. This, in turn, can help businesses develop better products, services, and customer experience, decrease time-to-market and increase revenue and profit.”

The Privitar Data Privacy Platform provides a combination of privacy techniques, governance, and management features that are essential to any organization embracing data-driven insight.

The integration of Privitar and StreamSets enables data-driven organizations to both streamline and de-risk their data pipelines, by:

  • Applying a Privitar Policy within a streaming StreamSets pipeline (DataFlow)
  • Achieving consistency of data and policies across batch, streaming, and on demand environments
  • Leveraging the rich ecosystem of StreamSets connectors to data sources, data sinks and processors to protect data as it moves between two systems.

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