ProfitBricks Adds Support for DevOps Tools Ansible and Chef

To support developers and operations professionals in their push to implement DevOps principles for their infrastructure environments, ProfitBricks, a provider of cloud infrastructure, is adding support for DevOps tools Ansible and Chef.

“ProfitBricks has been leveraging DevOps automation in-house for a long time and is leading the way to ensure that the cloud can be configured in any way and automated using a team’s favorite tools,” added Achim Weiss, CEO and co-founder at ProfitBricks.

Ansible is a platform for configuring and managing data center infrastructure that combines multi-node software deployment, ad hoc task execution, and configuration management, and is used by DevOps professionals as they use its playbooks functionality to automate cloud infrastructure. Chef, which is written in the Ruby programming language, makes it easier to manage complex infrastructure and the applications running on it.

“Ansible and Chef are two of the leading configuration management systems and it’s our goal to make the transition to cloud computing painless for developers, operations and/or DevOps professionals,” added Weiss.

Documentation and links to the GitHub repositories for the ProfitBricks integration can be found in the  DevOps Central community alongside the ProfitBricks REST API and documentation for the support of a number of multi-cloud libraries and SDKs for Python, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, Go and Java.

To learn more about ProfitBricks, and review the Ansible and Chef documentation visit the DevOps Central community at